Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla in Hindi HD 720p

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla: Here there are no sacraments and rituals and that too last, by speaking these dialogues, Utkarsh Sharma is seen trying to threaten a traitor officer. You find this scene funny instead of serious and dangerous. There are many such moments in the film Genius where you will wonder why this film was made at all. You really have to be quite a genius to withstand this entire film and its quirky dialogues that will be dropped on the audience like bombs throughout the film. You can download this Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla through Filmyzilla from the link given below.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Genius begins with an unfinished mission in Porbandar that leaves RAW Special Agent Vasudev AKA Vasu Shastri disabled. But this man has so much patriotism in his veins that with his lame legs, he chases a convoy running towards a politics on a bicycle. Let us tell you that Vasu takes the matter into his own hands after being declared incompetent by his seniors to fix the tricolor on his car and decides to complete the mission.

But before that, the film goes into a brief flashback and then reaches the IIT campus. Because remind us that if the genius of our hero has to be proved, then he will have to be a part of a big institution of the country. Meanwhile, a genius comes to the engineering college to break the myth of the lack of love in the lives of boys. Those who fall in love at first sight.

This girl is Nandini who is Ishita Chauhan. Then start over. There is a lot of effort to impress the girl in this film. But Hero’s luck is bad and he can’t find his love. After heartbreak, Vasu takes the decision to finally join RAW. However, he does not know that with the entry of nemesis MRS (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) in his life, a dangerous twist is about to come. He also considers himself a Genius.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla Audience React

While on one hand the acting and direction have failed in the film, on the other hand the audience has liked the spectacular location of the film. The music of this film is good but the songs are misplaced and have become just filler. The film is a dialogue. दिल से मैं खेलता नहीं और दिमाग से खेलने देता नहीं। Sadly, neither Genius could win the hearts of the audience nor could it impress in the serious scene.

Whenever someone talks about Genius directed by Anil Sharma, he will do something similar. By the way, it is a matter to think about how producer-directors, who have given successful films in the past, choose such kind of films to start the career of their own lads. Abbas Mustan did the same for the launch of his son Mustafa Burmawala and now Anil Sharma has also joined the same category.

If the list of worst debut film ever was made, then Anil Sharma’s place is confirmed in it. Machine Mein To Chalo, Kiara Advani’s glamor and Tanishk Bagchi’s fine music. But looking at the genius, it seems that the competition to do the worst thing is going on. In this article I am going to share you the link of Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla – Dialogues

Praise was in mind, but what to do, the story also has to be told. Yes, so this is the story of two genius humans. One uses his mind for good and the other for evil. The hero of the film is Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma), a gifted orphan brought up in Mathura. This orphan child tops the IIT entrance where he meets Nandini Chauhan (Ishita Chauhan).

Some love-like khichdi cooks between the two, during which both of them sing songs changing clothes, dance in classes and speak funny dialogues. Utkarsh, who himself calls himself a genius, says time and again, joins RAW as soon as he leaves IIT. Or you can say, RAW itself finds this diamond. While showing Vasudev pointing fingers at the screen in the air, the director might remember that we are living in 2018, but he forgets again after a few scenes.

So, during one of the RAW missions, Vasudev is badly injured and is fired saying that he is not physically fit. In the rest of the picture, Vasudev is seen building his own image, defeating another genius (Nawaz) and saving lives at the same time. You can download this movie very easily through Filmyzilla.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla – Acting and Music

Any BA/BSc pass out girl would have replaced Ishita Chauhan, even if it was the same result. The interesting thing is that the prisoner has allowed any kind of expression on his face in a single scene! Nawaz was also able to impress in some parts and because of him some people would even go to see this film. Some good dialogues have come from his side. The acting of artists like Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Julka, Zakir Hussain was nothing special. All that was left, apart from these qualities, complements the screaming patriotism of the film. One last thing related to genius on the go. The duration of the film is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla – Overview

Movie Name  Genius
Director  Anil Sharma
Movie Type Action, Thriller
Star cast Utkarsh Sharma, Ishita Chauhan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla in Hindi HD 720p

To download Genius Movie, you follow the steps given below. In this post we have told how to download Genius Movie through Filmyzilla. Apart from this, you can also download other new new release movies through Filmyzilla. Follow the given rule to download the movie.

How To Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Step 1. To download a movie from Filmyzilla, you must first go to the website of Filmyzilla.

Step 2. To go to the Filmyzilla website, you must first open the Internet Browser of your mobile phone. You can use any browser if you want. But if you use Chrome Browser, then it will be good for you.

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Genius Full Movie Download 480p Filmyzilla 

To download movies from the site, first of all you should know from which website the movies will be downloaded. Well, there are many websites on the internet, from where you can easily do Genius Full Movie Download 480p Filmyzilla. But, today I am going to tell you about some special and good website, from which you can easily download.

Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla – Download Link 

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Conclusion – Genius Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

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